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You bet, now your turn!

From the warmth of a swiss chalet, comes MatchMaster - a simple and entertaining family game that lets everyone win, even when they are dealt crappy cards

Object of the game:
The object of the game is to predict how many tricks one can win, depending on the cards in hand. Players get bonus points for good predictions and penalty points for wrong ones. The game is played over 13 rounds, with varying numbers of cards in hand (between 7 and 1)
The player with the highest total number of points at the end is the winner!

Age: 8-99
Players: 2-7
Duration: 30 minutes

Game material:
52 card deck
50 wooden sticks
1 game rules
Length : 14cm, Width : 10cm, Height : 5cm

Extra materials required: just a pencil and paper


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