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A game where kids must crush the bads ones in plasticine... without damaging the good ones!
KAPUT is a game based on the anxiety that children may feel towards nightmares. Nightmares are typi- cally immaterial
The game aims at materialising them, to provide children with a tool that helps them overcoming their fears. e rst half of the game is a creative one: with the help of plasticine, children build objects that make their nightmares real.
During the second half, they squash the highest possible number of nightmares in order to win

From the age of 4 2 to 4 players

Content :
24 cards (9,3cm x 6,5cm) 4 colored plasticine
1 printed wooden base
Size : H22cm x L16cm x P5cm Weight : 471 g
Wood and paper from sustainable forest, no-toxic vegetable ImprimÕ Vert inks.
Design : Roman Krajewski Designed and Made in France

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