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Mesdames & Messieurs

Mesdames & Messieurs

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Everybody has his spot: Seaman or Dandy? Strongman or Clever dude? Geek or Bimbo?
MESDAMES & MESSIEURS is a checker game like you have never seen before! Each piece is a unique char- acter: Seaman or Dandy? Strongman or Clever Dude? Geek or Bimbo? Each of them has a spot within this game, the ultimate goal being to capture the opponent characters and have the last one alive. e game starts with a creative time where the kids stick themselves the wooden pieces in order to personalize each pawn and appropriate the game.

Content :
24 wooden pieces (3cm) 24 stickers
1 printed bag
1 rule of the game
Size : H30cm x L15cm x P2cm Weight : 240g

Product assets:
Originality ¥ Made in France ¥ Quality ¥ Substainable ¥ Travel
From the age of 6 ¥ 2 players Rule available in: FR - EN - DE

organic cotton bag, no-toxic vegetable ImprimÕ Vert inks, wood from JURA sustainable forest.
Design : Roman Krajewski Designed and Made in France

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