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Solo Solitaire

Solo Solitaire

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From 6 to 99 years old - 1 player
The goal is the same for both ways: all pawns must be removed expect one. It is best if the last pawn is located in the main central circle

Starting position:
SOLO is designed to be played in 2 different ways :
- European: 36 pawns placed on full-colored circle on the board (32 blue et 4 yellow)
- English: 32 pawns placed on blue solid circle (only blue one)
The main central circle is always empty at this step (without any pawn)

How to move:
A pawn can be removed by a jump from a other pawn next to it. The circle behind the piece removed must be empty. The pawn is now removed from the board. A pawn is able to jump only one pawn in vertical or horizontal direction (diagonal is forbidden)
The game is over when no move is possible.
The game is won when only one pawn is left on the board

A organic cotton board and 36 yellow wooden pawns

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