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Sarcastic 9 Ball
  • Sarcastic 9 Ball
  • Sarcastic 9 Ball

Sarcastic 9 Ball

$35.00 SGD
If you are lucky enough not to live with a snarky millennial but fear you may be missing out on a whole world of sniping sarcasm, Ridley's Sarcastic 9 Ball will make a great addition. Ask it a question and you will be greeted by intellectual responses of the highest order: “well, duh!”, “Whatever” or “Yes, if you leave me alone” to name but a few.
It will entertain and irritate in equal measure, rather like your average teenager.

Satisfyingly scathing retorts are at your fingertips with this super-dry Sarcastic 9 Ball.
Ridley's Games version of the classic mystic 8 ball, it has a withering answer with every spin.

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