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Rinky Rohini long kaftan - White / Black
  • Rinky Rohini long kaftan - White / Black
  • Rinky Rohini long kaftan - White / Black
  • Rinky Rohini long kaftan - White / Black

Rinky Rohini long kaftan - White / Black

$665.00 SGD

Rinky Rohini is a luxurious and airy kaftan from Aish, in linen muslin* with jamdani** work

60% Linen 40% Cotton Handloom*** 
White and black
Dry clean or hand wash
Artisan made in Bengal

Size & fit
Relaxed, oversized fit. One size fits all
The model on the picture is wearing a striped slip, not available

*Muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave that varies in weights, from unusually delicate, diaphanous sheers to coarse sheeting. The uncommonly fine textile first produced in the eastern Indian subcontinent, known as Dhaka muslin, has found mention in mythology and the history of trade. The delicate, gossamer-like lightness of Bengal muslin helps us to create the light as air and soufflé-soft Aish
**Jamdani is a 2000-year-old weaving technique that produces some of the finest cotton muslin textiles of Bengal. Two weavers sit side by side to create delicate designs on sheer muslin, thread by thread, on a wooden loom, with no electricity. The unique design is inserted by hand with a needle during the weaving process, called a supplementary weft technique
A handloom is a loom that is manually operated, unlike motorized or electrically powered looms that have grown increasingly popular. The handloom allows weavers to create fabrics by interlacing the warp and the weft yarns. Handloom also refers to the textiles created on manually operated looms. While the process of weaving is slower than on a power loom, the handloom gives many more weavers the opportunity to practice their craft, and the resulting fabrics are unique, each piece telling a story. 

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