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Vacuum Jug EM77 - Soft Black

Vacuum Jug EM77 - Soft Black

$139.00 SGD
The EM77 vacuum jug is a true Danish design icon created by the Danish designer Erik Magnussen. Includes unique rocker and stopper screw cap for transportation of liquids

Holds 1 litre
Length: 13.5 cm
Width: 13.5 cm 
Height: 31 cm
Capacity: 1 litre
Matt-finished steel, ABS, glass insert
Made in Denmark

Care instruction
In case of small children in your home please consider using 
the picnic stopper
Do not use a wire brush or any other tool to clean the inside 
of the bottle
The glass wall is delicate and can easily be damaged 
which may cause the glass to shatter
The vacuum jug should be preheated prior to filling with 
boiling water to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations 
which may cause the glass to shatter.
Rinse the jug with clear water for cleaning
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