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Pink Sapphire Chain Ring
  • Pink Sapphire Chain Ring
  • Pink Sapphire Chain Ring

Pink Sapphire Chain Ring

$269.00 SGD

These are the dainties and strongest little rings you'll ever wear. These beauties are incredibly comfortable to wear. We don't even need to take them off for our workouts. Once you try one of our chain rings you will know exactly why these are our best sellers.

Each Sapphire is hand selected and made by artisans in 18K yellow gold
Gemstone: Sapphires vary in size from .1ct to .15ct

Here’s a video of how to put a chain ring on, just in case you were wondering...

A symbol of truth, sincerity, and faithfulness, the sapphire is considered a powerful talisman and acts as a guiding star for travellers and seekers of all kind. It is also said that sapphires can protect one from envy.
The sapphire is an extremely hard gemstone, second to only the diamond. Although it comes in a variety of colours, blue has always been a favourite among kings in Europe. Kate Middleton's famous engagement ring is adorned with a very large and beautiful sapphire from Sri Lanka

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