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Ruby Chain Ring Small
  • Ruby Chain Ring Small
  • Ruby Chain Ring Small
  • Ruby Chain Ring Small

Ruby Chain Ring Small

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All the rubies we choose for our pieces are of the best shade of red with the most fire. Our chain rings are actually incredibly strong. This delicate ring is extremely comfortable to wear. We don't even need to take them off for our workouts. Once you try one of our chain rings you will know exactly why these are our best sellers.

This ruby chain ring is handmade in 18K yellow gold
Gemstone: Ruby .13ct

Here’s a video of how to put a chain ring on, just in case you were wondering...

It is traditionally believed the color of the ruby originates from an internal flame that cannot be extinguished. For this reason, the ruby is a perfect gift for everlasting love—symbolising passionate love, harmony, and wisdom.
The Ruby is considered the King of all precious gemstones in India. Ancient Romans believed the stone would protect its owner and bring good fortune when worn on the left hand. In ancient Burma, rubies became renowned for their protective powers. It represented the “spark of life.” To this day, the Burmese believe the ruby would make the wearer's most passionate wishes come true

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